Career Day with 7th Grader

Our CEO visited a local middle school to talk about a career in mobile application development.

Crowd funding made easier

We were privileged to create this explainer video about the powerful services of iDisclose.

helfy Fitness Challenge App

helfy is the fitness challenge platform for the rest of us. Available in iTunes and Google Play.

Exhilent Gallery

Amazing art and beacon enabled apps? Our office is filled with beautiful pieces and you should come and see them.

Structure 3D Scanner

It took us almost a full year until we received our Kickstarter funded 3D Structure Sensor.  What an amazing piece of technology that makes it easy to take the real world digital.

iBeacons from Estimote

The smart folks at Estimote sent us early versions of their iBeacon technology and we were able to rapidly create an app that adds location driven events.


Even two years ago we had a full handle on Passbook and its potential for ubiquity. Combined with Apple Pay, the Passbook is no longer something that can be ignored.


What’s it like having an office with the front door on 6th street during SXSW? In short, the foot traffic is insane. It’s like a parade of interesting people that lasts two weeks.

Office Tour

The cheese factor is a little high in this short video showing off our office and the geniuses who work here. Who doesn’t love iMovie?