Since our inception, we’ve had an office on East 6th Street in downtown Austin. Three locations over the years and steadily moving our way west towards IH-35. We loved the atmosphere, the food, and the madness of SXSW during March. However, the dirty secret about having an office filled with developers working downtown is the commute. It’s horrible. Depending on how far north or south you live, the rush hour drive is 40 minutes each way. The train isn’t much better with a time of an hour and odds of having to stand the whole ride depending on your stop.

We decided that a move was prudent, but we needed to retain the comfort and easy walking access to lunch for the team. We looked at several traditional business parks north of downtown but found an oasis in Round Rock.

Many of the bigger tech startups in town are realizing the same thing that a move north of town is better for employee happiness. Our new office is in the heart of Main Street in downtown Round Rock. It’s old school Americana with lots of outdoor places to walk to, dozens of lunch options and a mini-6th street assembly of bars to wet your after work whistle.

Our office building is shaped a little like a motel and that uniqueness just adds to the charm. Plus the benefits to life/work balance for the team make this move worthwhile.

Come on up and see us.