One of the reasons we do what we do is our relationships with our clients. We have a mix of clientele from ambitious managers working their way up their company’s chain of command. We’ve got entrepreneurs who trust us to deliver on their dream. And we also have visionaries who see the future and want to help shape how people interact with technology. Anthony Mormile was a visionary like that.

We met Anthony Mormile for the first time in person four years ago in his office in Building 4 at ESPN Headquarters. We had already done development work for him before that, but we finally got the in-person meeting that always helps to cement relationships. Knowing that Mr. Mormile was looking to push the tech envelope, we came up with some new functionality that he hadn’t seen or wasn’t expecting. It was show and tell time. As we worked through our demo, his excitement grew. He began calling anyone who walked by the door in to see what we’d built for him. For us, it was incredible but what we didn’t know is that this is how he held court in his office for everyone. He was your biggest fan and supporter. He wanted you to succeed.

Last week Mr. Mormile passed on. He was larger than life in spirit and reality. The ballbusting. That booming voice. That big laugh. We once drove 1,000 miles to have a half hour meeting with him, and it was totally worth it. It was the least we could do to travel from Austin to New Jersey to pay our respects to his incredible wife, family, and friends. He will be missed.

There were many words written about him, but we feel that Matthew Berry’s tribute hit the nail on the head. Emotional and eloquent.

Requiem for a Visionary

Thank you for the trust.  Enjoy the pool time.




Here is a snippet of Mr. Mormile from a Verge interview about ESPN found here: