It’s here. SXSW 2015 has finally arrived. All of the tents are popping up. The street teams are in full t-shirt wearing bloom. And savvy startups are hyping their wares with extended taglines and run on subject lines (as a savvy startup, we are not immune to the hype machine). Much like last year, this year is even going to be bigger than the year before. The new R.W. Marriott hotel in the heart of downtown has expanded the square footage tremendously and the new fitness / health track has brought in healthcare professionals from around the world. SXSW is no longer just a bunch of geeks in “Bazinga” shirts.


One of our challenges is spreading the word about Exhilent and the work we do for our clients. Now as much as we’d love to throw a giant party with Snoop Dogg, we just aren’t that type of company. So we put our heads together and came up with something that you won’t be able to get anywhere during SXSW. Come into our office and let us to scan you with a 3D iPad sensor. We will then take that digital model and print out a Lego minifig sized replica of you.

Our secondary goal is to make #bestsxswpromo synonymous with the creativity and love we put into all of our work. We think they look pretty awesome. Send us an email ( or tweet (#bestsxswpromo) to schedule your session.


While in our office being immortalized in plastic, we’d like to highlight some of the work we’ve done to you. These technologies include:


We’ve created a beacon app platform that allows art galleries and midsize businesses to engage with their customers via proximity app events. In layman’s terms, these tiny beacons placed throughout a location will act as “eyes” to your mobile device. Our office has been transformed into an art gallery where you learn more about the pieces just by standing in front of them. We are using Estimote iBeacons throughout our space. You can download our beacon Gallery app in iTunes and Google Play.

A special thanks to Ryder Richards and Sue Anne Rische who have allowed us to house several of their art pieces for our Spring 2015 exhibition. Here is a short video showing you exactly how it works.


And finally, we are also launching “helfy”. helfy is an iOS and Android mobile platform that allows coworkers and friends to compete against each other in wearable verified challenges. For the past year, our staff has been wearing Fitbits and we’ve been competing against each other to simply adjust our behavior to get out of our seats and walk more often.

The current state of the art in fitness challenges is lumping everyone into the same challenge where its obvious the ultra marathoners will excel and the rest of us will be a little discouraged. helfy allows you to create a challenge where BMI 30+ competitors push each other. We’ve built the platform to be private labeled so HR directors and wellness managers can bring our solution into the workplace easily.


Please let us know you are coming to the open house as we have lots to show you and look forward to you knowing more about us.

Tweet #bestsxswpromo or send a note to