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In the next week, tens of thousands of fellow developers and potential clients will be descending on downtown Austin. It is a time of year where our city really shines and we are all excited. This year is shaping up to be HUGE.

We will be having a week filled with client demos where we show off our latest projects and the amazing technology we are using to deliver them.

Some of these demos will include:


Beacons are a movement just waiting for its first killer application. Retailers see the potential of engaging with customers when they first walk into their stores or are spending a little extra time in front of a product on the showroom floor. We have been building apps for our clients using several of the latest iBeacon hardware choices. They include:

  • Estimote beacons
  • Tod beacons
  • Gimbal beacons from Qualcomm
  • Texas Instruments chips (with low energy bluetooth connectivity)

We are especially interested in seeing the new Urban Airship beacons that they’ll be rolling out during SXSW. We see them being a strong competitor in the beacon technology game with their management platform that already delivers billions of mobile notifications to their clients around the globe.


We see a lot of potential growth in 2014 in the wearables sector. While we are big fans of what Google has done with the Google Glass, we believe that your wrist is where the wearable revolution will be focused for the time being. Companies who need to get real time data out to their employees will use apps on wrist watches to seamlessly deliver information. We are already there with several of our wearable apps being used by our customers. The specific technologies we’ve built with include:

  • Google Glass
  • Pebble Watch
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear (Android based)
  • Apple iWatch (we wish)

3D Prototyping

We get a lot of strange looks and questions when we tell people that we have 3D scanning and printing technology within our office. “I thought you guys were a software company”, is the typical reaction. We are definitely a software company, but the world is rapidly changing to where more real world physical tools will have a virtual affiliated app. Childrens toys, garage tools, and home automation are three markets that already have quietly bridged the gap between hardware and software. At Exhilent, we are able to help our customers by using chip components and 3D prototyping to help them realize their goals. Some of the technology we already use include:

  • Makerbot Replicator 2
  • Kinect 3D scanners
  • Structor Sensor 3D scanner

If you are interested in learning more about how the technology we are working with can apply to your own project. Please come by our office and join us during SXSW. We have refreshments, phone charging stations and would love an opportunity to hear how we can help.

Just drop an email to Mike Nolen, and we’d love to meet you.