Typically Tuesday is the day most SXSW Interactive attendees leave town to head back home to their regular lives. We always find it a bit frustrating that these folks leave just one day before SXSW really kicks into gear with the Music portion of the festival. Just stay a few more days, you can work from our office remotely, head out on the streets at 5pm and have your mind blown until sunrise. Just a sample of what was happening a few blocks away. (Editors Note: No comment on Bieber being mentioned as being a significant musician in this tweet):

Again today we spent most of our time in office meetings with prospects (three from the Fortune 100 today), but did have a chance to check out a few things over at the Convention Center. First up was the keynote by Casey Neistat. Neistat is a film maker in NYC who has been able to carve a niche with his 10 minute documentary/commentary style short films. He spent the keynote talking about how he went from being a 17-year old father who washes dishes and lives in a trailer park, to becoming a world traveller being hired by top brands to make goofy short films about their products on his terms. He showed off three of his favorite shorts and closed the presentation with the always wonderful Nike campaign he did called “Make It Count”. Watch it, its brilliant.

After he concluded, we met up with a few of our new friends and delivered their 3D printed busts. For being an office full of geeks, we certainly come up with some great marketing ideas. The idea that we can touch these people twice during SXSW (demo meeting and then delivery of the 3D model) has been important to show folks who don’t really know us yet, that we are just a hungry group of developers doing cool things who will deliver for them. No ninjas. No rockstars. Just a focused team having an amazing time.

We jumped on one of the recently installed Austin B-Cycles (rentable bikes all across the city) for the first time and hauled back to the office for the rest of our days meetings. We can give a strong positive testimonial that using a bike is by far the fastest way to get from point A to point B during SXSW. It took 3 minutes to get from the Convention Center to the front door of our office on one of those bikes during one of the heaviest traffic periods during the day.

Speaking of traffic. Somehow this year, our office is now in the absolute center of the coolness universe. Between the Spotify House being just a few blocks to the west and the newly installed Snoop Dogg house setup a block to our east, the foot traffic in front of our office has been insane. Thousands of people just looking for a fun time walking up and down east 6th street. We decided to set up a camera to take a time lapse video to show you exactly what we mean. The first part of this video was taken from our 2nd floor balcony and the second half was from the inside glass of our front door.

BTW, here is a interview with Snoop Dogg talking about his Man Cave.  Which is pretty much in a Mexican restaurant parking lot.

Enjoy your time in our city. It has been a very successful first half of SXSW for us. Now its time to listen to some amazing music.