Today was going to be mostly an in-office day for us at Exhilent. We had interested prospects from a variety of businesses coming in to see our second screen offerings as well as our beacon and custom mobile app development work. The visitors to our office ran the spectrum from toy manufacturers to music entertainment to ad agencies to large technology entities who we’d never betray their trust by outing them. We even had an incredible gentlemen from a custom guitar company who is doing some very ambitious and cool things with their mobile applications.

We can say that our offer of digitally scanning our visitors heads and printing them in 3D has proven to be immensely successful. The vast majority of the folks that stop by for our show and tell, want it done and its a nice take away gift they can give to their child back at home. #sxsw #humblebrag.

First, we are going to show you a demo we put together for visitors to our office. It shows off some of the beacon work we have been doing without divulging information about our client projects. Now beacon technology has many names. Beacon, iBeacon, Bluetooth low energy, BLE, BTLE, or Bluetooth Smart are all names that basically describe the same technology. There are variations on a theme between each hardware and software vendor. We also work with a variety of bluetooth hardware including Estimote, Tod, Gimbal by Qualcomm and Urban Airship. For instance, we had the guys from UrbanAirship in house to show us their new software implementation of beacons. Very cool stuff and with their foothold in the notifications space, it is going to be easy for them to transition customers to doing many beacon projects.

This demo video below shows off how beacon technology can update your application with relevant information about your location. For instance, if you were in a retail environment and doing some shopping, the beacons would know where you are in the store and update your screen with relevant information about shoes if you were for instance standing in the shoe department.

After a long day of amazing demos, we headed out to the Mobile Monday party over at Fogo du Chao. Last year the party was filled with a ton of the smartest entrepreneurs in town and we had a blast. This year was no exception. However, the venue was entirely too small for the amount of people that attended. We met a few interesting folks but honestly when you are standing chest to chest with someone, its a bit difficult to pull out your phone and do a demo. Hopefully next year they’ll have it in a bigger venue.