It was a beautiful day and you could just feel the city become more alive. We spent the first day entertaining a handful of guests and prospects at our office. We feel very excited about our second screen product, called ScreenDUET, and with the addition of a sports-centric track to SXSW, a lot of the players in the industry were here to see our wares.

Since we are a smaller organization and quite frugal, we decided to not throw a lavish party (though we do love to attend other’s parties and feel free to invite us to more).  We did however give our guests an opportunity to have their bodies digitally scanned and turned into a 3D printed bust.  Many folks took us up on the offer.

We also have an electric vehicle available to pickup and drive customers to our office from the convention center.  The only two downsides have been the absolute grid lock for vehicles downtown (the metro train is the easiest way, we are at the first stop, Saltillo) and the lack of doors on our sweet ride.  Won’t come in handy if it rains.

If you are coming to visit us on Monday and Tuesday, we’ll send the car to you.  Give us a call to arrange.

After an amazing full day of meeting with some great people, we headed off to our first party of the night.  Our friends at Shango (http://www.shango.com) have been celebrating amazing success and continued that spirit with a fun party on the terrace of 600 Congress.  Killer views, cold beer, a live reggae band and brilliant conversation with some of the smartest folks in Austin.

We weren’t staying out too long since we have a big day tomorrow.  Though this guy in a costume summarized how our feet were feeling.

FAMOUS PEOPLE WE’VE MET TODAY:  Selena Roberts, Bill Simmons