Despite Microsoft saying that their Xbox360 update was happening in the Holiday season, today Microsoft rolled out one of the most significant updates to their ubiquitous gaming platform. Today users will be able to use Internet Explorer from the convenience of their couch.  What this means for mobile development companies like Exhilent, is that we now have another significant platform to deliver user experiences.

Our initial estimation is that second screen applications or companion apps will be the big winners with the Xbox 360 browser.  Imagine if you will watching the latest version of Project Runway and within the picture-in-picture of your television, you are running a browser based game tied directly into the content of the show?  Imagine watching football games on Sunday and at the same time sharing a customized Jeopardy-style game show experience with your friends.  All with custom questions based on the current football action on screen.

This news might be lost in the Apple iPad announcements and the new Windows 8 devices from Dell, but in the long run, this is an important day for TV/Internet convergence.

Exhilent is ready and prepared for the convergence of media and would love to develop your desktop / mobile / television application.