Today marks the first anniversary of Steve Jobs death.  We at Exhilent are grateful for how Steve Jobs and Apple shifted our career paths by delivering the iPhone to the world in 2007.  We had a dozen different models of cell phone before the iPhone, but the significant shift to the truly “smart phone” that allowed developers to create their own applications, was a turning point for the connected world entirely.  Even Android lovers have to give props to how the iPhone reshaped the cell phone industry.

We’ve found this particular graphic interesting.  It shows how phones have changed from plastic pieces of various colors and shapes into a consistent glass screened rectangle where the value of the phone is contained in the apps it can run (powering to the developer!), instead of the carrier network it is on.

Our fanboy adoration of Steve Jobs extends to Madame Tussauds wax museum in Hong Kong who has recently created and revealed a Steve Jobs.  We really need to get a Hong Kong client so we can take the pilgrammage.