We do a lot of prototyping and installations for our clients. In the old days (like a year ago), just an app was good enough, but now you need to support your mobile application in the real world. Activations increase if you create an engaging physical experience with a digital companion. To that end, we went to Houston to 3D Print Bureau of Texas to see their new top of the line 3D printers.

Mark Twain 3D Print

In our office, we have half a dozen filament based printers, so we are very familiar with taking digital ideas into 3D. But in an unassuming warehouse on the southwest side of Houston, there sits a collection of the best of the best 3D print technology has to offer. The folks at 3D Print Texas let us try out their new Stratasys J750 printers with one of our models.

These printers are as big as old office copy machines and allow full-color realism (360,000 colors!) with multiple materials. Flexible rubber. Transparent. It’s crazy how many options are available with this device. And the guys at 3D Print Bureau have TWO of them.

Stratasys J750 Side by Side

Here is what our Mark Twain model looked like straight out of the printer. The level of detail is insane. Perfect for product prototyping or a campaign. One additional thing that shocked us was the weight of these printed objects. Filament prints are extremely light, while these polyjet digital prints had a weight very similar to clay of the same size. Full color and extremely durable.

Twain in Perspective

We are excited that the same “if you dream it you can build it” that we apply to our digital work, can be applied to physical objects with this technology. If you have a chance, contact Herman Fontenot (yep, ex-NFL running back and 3D print guru) to talk about your project. Great staff and incredible technology.

Meet the world's first full color, multi-material 3D printer. Link in bio. #stratasysj750 #3dprinttexas

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