Even though the smart phone revolution started in the summer of 2007, traditional big brands are finally moving their budgets more formally into the mobile space.  The death of newspaper advertising has been one factor to enable marketing organizations to make the turn to social and mobile marketing opportunities.  It has long been thought that the only way to get your product in the face of homemakers and older Americans was through the Sunday newspaper, but even grandma has a smart phone and an iPad on her lap these days.

American mainstay, Kraft, had an announcement this week about how they are transitioning 10% of their entire media budget to mobile.  This represents a HUGE investment of  financial resources and sounds the bell hopefully for other more conservative brands to invest in mobile.  (Editors Note:  Feel free to call us.)

“We’re pulling it from all different areas because mobile spans across everything,” said Melissa Laux, director of US media at Kraft Foods, Northfield, IL. “We are trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this,” she said. “The marketers have been really receptive to this. They understand this is where our consumers are.”

You can find Ms. Laux’s slide deck here and an online interview with her just after finishing her presentation: