Tomorrow Apple is expected to release the iPad Mini (or iPad Air) to consumers. Expectations are set that the iPad Mini will be a 7 inch version of the extremely popular iPad with many of the same features but with the smaller size and drastically smaller price tag. Because of the reduced price, it is expected to be in the sweet spot for schools where they’ll be able to purchase the device in bulk. The biggest issue with the existing iPad’s for academia has been how expensive they are.

There have been several sneak peek photos appearing online for weeks.

As far as application development goes, the iPad Mini is supposed to have the same screen dimensions as the first generation non-Retina display iPads (1024×768). This will mean that existing iPad applications should be able to work just fine in this reduced resolution. The only development considerations that we’ll have to watch out for is if the smaller interface will require button resizing to accommodate full size fingers. The good news is that it would appear that the iPad Mini would have low-energy bluetooth (BTLE) like the iPhone 4S+ and iPad 3+.

We would also love to see the Apple TV opened up to application development as well as a proper web browser so that Apple TV can run web apps.  With the XBox 360 rolling out their IE browser in time for the holidays, we expect a boom of application development opportunities right on your living room TV screen.

We at Exhilent are still waiting for the other shoe to drop from Apple where a QR reader is built into the iOS 6 operating system. We feel strongly that for Passport adoption and QR codes to become mainstream, Apple needs its own QR software to make things easier. Tomorrow we’ll know more.