It is amazing how many different ways that our potential and actual customers pronounce our company name. Just in case you don’t read the rest of this post, let’s not bury the lede. It is spoken exactly the same way as the word “excellent”. Not “ex-hill-ient” or any other fancy variation.

Where did this name come from?

Several years ago we were thinking about starting a new company based on an amazing new iPhone technology that we found in Japan. The product was called Pict3D and it is a plastic film that goes over the top of your mobile device. This film is a mini-lenticular screen that allows you to show content in 3D. Once the screen is on your device, you can then serve content that will appear in 3D. Our idea was to create a jQuery plugin that would allow the ability to add depth to the HTML of webpages by just a simple edit to the code. Imagine taking webpages or even web based presentations and have them pop out into 3D with just this screen and some small code edits.

It was that moment that we came up with the name Exhilent. Excellent Lenticular. Boom. Sadly, this screen technology never made it to the United States and honestly there were too many issues with installing the film on your phone. If 3D on your mobile device ever becomes something that people want, we not only have a great solution for web developers and a cool company name.

Stay tuned this technology might be coming back after all.