Our digital lives change yet again on Tuesday.

Today feels a bit like Christmas Eve when you aren’t exactly sure what you are going to get in the morning. Our minds race wondering what exactly could possibly fit in those boxes under the tree. It could be anything. It most likely won’t all just be underwear and socks. It could be something we didn’t even think to put on our list to Santa.

On Tuesday morning, our office and nerds and developers around the world are all going to gather around their screens to watch what Tim Cook has for us. It’s been 7 years since Apple profoundly changed our personal career tracks with the introduction of the iPhone. Even the Android folks recognize that the iPhone was the game changer that brought true mobile computing and connectivity to everyone. So hyperbole aside, what can we expect?


If Apple rolls out a true mobile wallet that allows you to make purchases with just your phone (or watch!), then we’ve reached a point where projects like SoftCard (formerly Isis) gather momentum and ride the wave with Apple. Educating and teaching consumers that its simple and nothing too technical to understand. The “it just works” philosophy will spread. Just as the consumerization of IT has brought the home devices into the work place, “anywhere commerce” will change how our brick and mortar customers will do their business in a profound way.


Here in our offices we’ve had most of the recent digital watch companions like the Pebble, Samsung Gear, and the Samsung Gear Fit. We’ve written applications that run on them but we know that the world is just barely beginning to recognize how helpful they can be. We believe that the killer app for the wrists is notifications. It’s much easier to flip your wrist than reach into your pocket to see who’s calling or where the next meeting will be. Convenience will be the true benefit with notifications as the secret sauce. If what we’ve seen from the beautiful devices like the Moto360 and the LG G watch, we can only hope that Jony Ive and his creative team will bring us something useful and great. Will it pay homage to 450 years of wristwatch history and engineering? Will it just be a long piece of flexible glass with a wrapped screen for the interface? Either way, we are sure that it’s going to be well thought out and a game changer.


We are a positive thinking group here in our office and we are fully prepared for all of the skeptics and critics that will chime in after the announcements. “The battery life is bad.” “It’s too expensive.” “Why do we have to buy another connector?” “Android’s had NFC support for years.” Each of those might be valid arguments, but we aren’t going to get caught up in the negativity. We are however going to revel in what we are going to see on Tuesday will change our digital lives. The other hardware vendors will use it as an impetus to improve their products. And software guys like us, will use it to think and create new applications that you didn’t even know you needed, but will be happy that we built it for you.

Hurry up and get here.