Here is a great one-on-one interview with Forrester’s Jeffrey Hammond. He goes into the dirty secrets of the mobile app development world.

Constant Mobile Improvement
Releasing your app six to ten times a year is the recipe for success if you want higher App Store ratings and customer satisfaction. This means that year round development and continual improvement is core to the investment of reaching your customers and generating a return.

The Market Is Huge
“I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that [the mobile opportunity] is as big if not bigger than the opportunities that we had 25 years ago when the desktop PC came out” says Hammond in the interview. We are just scratching the surface of the ubiquity and utility of the Internet of Things.

Waiting = Doom
He responds to IT leaders who think they can wait on their mobile development projects. “I’m sure I’ll be talking to your replacement at that point in time. Because the reality is we’re well into the mobile shift”. He believes we already live in a mobile first world.

There are so many great nuggets of information in this video. Enjoy.