One of the things that we are passionate about, is how the mobile revolution is going to help viewers get more enjoyment out attending events. The work we’ve done just this summer with the Brooklyn Cyclones by engaging with their fans in the ballpark is just the start of what we are doing with live venues. Second screen and beacon technologies all have a relationship in that they give your mobile devices the ability to engage with location based information to supplement your entertainment experience.

Despite being located in beautiful Austin, we’ve done quite a bit of work internationally since we opened our doors. The work we’ve done for the Cinema Arts Network, near Manchester, England clearly stands out with its progressive thinking. We are honored to work with Ali Hossaini and his amazing crew as they rethink what it means to enjoy a night out at the movies.

Mr. Hossaini is a digital visioneer who had an idea to use the in-house wifi of his locations to allow his patrons the ability to stream arthouse short films directly to their mobile devices. We were able to deliver a platform independent interface that lets any of his patrons bring their own device and enjoy.

To quote Mr. Hossaini in a piece written for Arts Professional UK:

“How can the arts benefit from digital technology? Equally important, how can the arts exercise leadership? The former relies on adaptation – a process which is underway – but the latter relies on innovation. To state the obvious, innovation is doing what has not been done before. Where can the arts blaze trails? Ideally through a terrain that plays to their advantage.

Three factors stand out: mobile, social and place. Mobility is well-established, but it has far to go before innovation plateaus. One day online may simply dissolve into mobile. Social applications underlie many disruptive technologies, and their potential for audience-facing organisations is clear. Place may be the most unique strength of the arts. Venues for music, dance, theatre and visual art represent hundreds of millions of pounds in public investment. By developing these three factors, arts venues could lead the next wave of convergence and they could introduce a new medium for engaging audiences: digital placemaking.”

If you find yourself at one of the Cinema Arts locations through the UK, you’ll be able to enjoy the platform that we helped deliver.