It was Whitney Houston who said “I believe our children are the future” and we believe our future looks very bright.  Despite some of the grief that Millenials get because of their perceived lack of discipline or attention span, if you’ve ever watched a 10 year old scour the internet and YouTube patiently and determinately for Minecraft recipes and hacks, you’ll know that our future has the discipline to reach their goals.  Our CEO, Joey Janisheck, stepped into a local middle school to join in a Career Fair where parents of students talk about their professions.  While police officers seem to be represented plenty, Joey went in to talk to the kids about mobile app development and how the benefits of such a career prove better than just about any other job.

You can see the complete speech here on Youtube.  Feel free to share.  We’ve also provided the raw presentation slides so that you can remix and use.  With the Internet of Things only at the beginning and the future needing many more coders than we have today, we hope that more coder parents will represent our industry during the next Career Fair.  Enjoy and thank you.