We’ve been busy with beacon mobile app projects for our clients the past two years. One thing that we’ve learned is that it’s hard to mentally visualize what exactly a beacon is and how it can enrich a customer experience. So we created an enclosure for your Gimbal beacon that can be customized to help that process.

Over the past year, we’ve moved away from Estimote beacons in our customer projects (we love their product, but their pricing is outrageous and unrealistic for large scale deployments) and am very happy to be a Gimbal customer and partner. Gimbal, out of San Diego, has three different beacon products that are customized to just about any business or retail setting. For shorter campaigns and client show-and-tell, the Gimbal Proximity Series 10 beacon is perfect.  Each Series 10 beacon costs only $5 with a 3-4 month battery life.

When showing our prospective clients how beacons can help them, we reduce the learning curve by 3D printing cases to better illustrate proposed locations. For instance, if you are trying to show a grocery store how their mobile apps can better serve their customers with indoor location beacons, you can print several of these cases and then attach a 3D printed model for each of the various sections in the store. Here you see models representing the beer, milk and produce sections of a grocery store.


By placing beacons in the cases and putting them in various corners of a conference room, it is easy to demonstrate how locations in-store are used to increase customer interactions through their mobile device.

Head on over to the Thingiverse and download the models for your presentations.