Everyone loves a good buzz word; the latest in mobile technology, beacons. As popular as they are, the truth is nobody is making a dollar off of them yet. There are a ton of real-world scenarios that have great potential, and we’ve even done our own demos that show the basic functionality in a controlled environment. But what happens when you have multiple beacons and several different device types? Is there one brand that’s better than the other? We decided to put some of the beacons we had in-house to good use. Exhilent’s Beacon Olympics tested both the Estimote and the Gimbal beacons in these 4 categories:

Interference: How do beacons and devices behave when something interrupts their direct signal path? If a device is in your pocket, or a bag, will it be able to read the beacon signal?

Stability: Will the beacon signal stay consistent while the device is searching for it?

Accuracy: Does the beacon signal fluctuate to the point that it is not a reliable source?

Battery Life: Do they really last 2 years as suggested?

In the end we discovered that beacon technology is not an off-the-shelf product, but there is enormous potential.┬áIt’s harnessing that potential that requires a strong, knowledgable development partner ready to navigate through to success.