A part of our job as developers is to stay on top of the latest hardware and software.  We recently had a Structure Sensor delivered to our office.  This is an amazing camera-device that connects to an iPad and allows us to easily scan objects in 3D.  We put together a short video so you can see.

We were happy to help support the Structure Sensor as a Kickstarter project and 8 months later were really happy to have the device in our office to use.

Here is the transcript from the video:

We’d like to show you a new powerful device that we’ve recently received in our office. Its called the Structure Sensor. We have been waiting for this since we first supported their Kickstarter campaign almost 8 months ago. It’s the first iPad portable 3D scanner. It consists of the camera which allows us to scan objects rapidly and turn them into 3D models. We can take these models and edit them or print them on our Makerbot 3D printer. As you can see it plugs directly into the lightning port of an iPad Retina.

Within just a few minutes we are able to pass the device around an object and scan in its information. The capabilities of this device don’t end there. The SDK for this hardware is still in the early stages so the true killer apps for this device won’t be known until more and more developers build amazing things with it.

Stay tuned for what we are going to build.