We have a number of mentors and leaders that we actively listen to when they have something to say. New blog posts or books or panels at conferences, we go out of our way to pay attention to these guys. We thank our careers to the advanced thinking that Steve Jobs and Jony Ive had with mobile technology. We are huge fans of the clarity that Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanssonbring with their Basecamp products, Ruby on Rails and amazing books like Rework and Remote. We’ve loved every panel and intimate setting we’ve been able to attend and talk to Gary Vaynerchuk. Derek Sivers minimalism and world travels have brought us tremendous joy and introspection. Even the future evangelizing and amazing tweets of Brian LeRoux help to keep us all relevant in the shifting mobile landscape.

So one of our favorite mentors had some extra publicity this week as he celebrates his 30th year of projects. Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and marketer who has brought us many amazing books over the years. His Bootstrappers Bible was an important read for us during our formative years  when thoughts of running our own business was on our minds. It just took several years to sack up the courage to follow his advice. (We are glad we did).

The Dip. The Big Moo. The Purple Cow. All must reads that have helped us along the way.

In his wonderful blog post celebrating his three decades of work, we believe that he forgot to list one of our favorite books he’s ever written. That book is titled, “E-Mail Addresses of the Rich & Famous”. Published in early 1994, this trade paperback contains just email addresses of famous people and companies. This is all before LinkedIn, Google, and even Yahoo!. 20 years ago is a long time.  Here’s a photo of our copy that we bought in a Waldenbooks (remember them?).

Here is a quick sample of some of the people and their addresses. (Lots of CompuServe, AOL, and Delphi addresses. This was well before vanity domains were common place.)

John Grisham (author): 71035.1742@compuserve.com
Penn Jillette (magician): penn@delphi.com
Barry Diller (power businessman): 71043.3616@compuserve.com

With over 1000 email addresses listed in this book, it was amazing at that time that you could get direct access to so many powerful people. These days everyone is just a hashtag and tweet away from you.

Congrats Seth on a great 30 years. We look forward to your next projects. Maybe next time you are in Austin, we will meet up and we’ll ask you to sign our book.