In a world of cookie cutter development companies who are just fronts for punting your project offshore, we are the guys behind the guys behind the guys.  We connect the dots.  We deliver the goods.

Technology constantly evolves and we find the right fit to deliver the best result. Every six months there is a new better way to build a mousetrap.

Internal Keys to Our Success

Work hard. Go home. Have a life.

Project success isn’t measured in how many all-nighters it took or staying in Slack for 20 hours. Burnout is real and it isn’t a badge of courage. Bust butt. Go home.

Don’t be a dick

Not to each other.  Definitely not to customers.  We all have off days but we type for a living.  It’s not ditch digging.  Everything will be fine.

We are not for sale

Our products definitely are but our secret sauce isn’t. We are building a 100 year company. A two year house flip and cool parties aren’t what we are about. We build stuff. We keep it simple.

No ninjas or rockstars

We love them at birthday parties and Halloween but not sitting with the development team. Come on, it’s silly, right? Let’s just work hard and build stuff.

No Smashmouth, Creed or UB40 played in office

If you are an “all-star” with “arms wide open” while enjoying “red red wine”, then you’ll have to do it somewhere else. Employee happiness is important to building great software.