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Second Screen Revolution Is On

Despite Microsoft saying that their Xbox360 update was happening in the Holiday season, today Microsoft rolled out one of the most significant updates to their ubiquitous gaming platform. Today users will be able to use Internet Explorer from the convenience of their couch.  What this means for mobile development companies like Exhilent, is that we [...]

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Passbook Development

We've been busy building custom Passbook applications and have had a little fun with the flexibility that Passbook offers.  The typical Passbook templates are:  generic, event, coupon, store card, and boarding pass.  Within these types, we are able to customize them to match branding and other company style guides. If you have your iPhone running [...]

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iPad Mini Rumors

Tomorrow Apple is expected to release the iPad Mini (or iPad Air) to consumers. Expectations are set that the iPad Mini will be a 7 inch version of the extremely popular iPad with many of the same features but with the smaller size and drastically smaller price tag. Because of the reduced price, it is [...]

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Shopping Patent for Passbook

Apple recently patented the ability to create a shopping list by scanning products. This list can then be used to check-out electronically. What is interesting about this patent is that it reveals future intentions by Apple to make scanning codes an integral part of the operating system. Currently the iOS electronic wallet, Passbook, only allows [...]

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One Year Anniversary of Jobs Death

Today marks the first anniversary of Steve Jobs death.  We at Exhilent are grateful for how Steve Jobs and Apple shifted our career paths by delivering the iPhone to the world in 2007.  We had a dozen different models of cell phone before the iPhone, but the significant shift to the truly "smart phone" that [...]

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