Organizations have become aware that the use of mobile apps in their workforce increases the efficiency of internal and external processes by helping perform businesses operations better. However, most companies have not yet adopted the use of mobile apps.

According to a research survey exploring how companies are mobile apps, “Lack of Strategy” was cited as the chief obstacle to launching a mobile program. Well, the integration of this type of technology in the workforce, is a process that should be strategically planned to get the most out of it. It is a whole project itself, in which we strongly recommend planning to get a well-crafted analysis of the benefits and the challenges that the company might expect.

We just reviewed a study that shows current data of natural advantages from organizations that are implementing social technologies show that these businesses have improved the productivity of their company professionals by 25% and businesses gain an extra 240 hours of work per year from the employees that use mobile apps as work tools.

From 2014 to 2015, the number of mobile devices managed in the enterprise world increased 72%. Nowadays, 60% of workers use mobile apps for work related activities. Companies are not just integrating mobile into their systems; they are also using mobility to change how they do business. Many companies use apps to provide customer service, some others to have the ability to go back to the sketch board for their work processes, creating new ways to improve employee’s overall performance. Because of this, these numbers are predicted to increase rapidly in the next years.

We are well aware that for a company, planning a mobile app development project can be scream inducing. It’s always easy to underestimate the cost of app projects, especially when a corporation is not a 100% sure on what they want to build. That is why, during the strategizing and planning process, many businesses reach out to companies like ours. Here at Exhilent, we can help you explore all the possibilities in a small discovery phase because we know your time is valuable. There is no comparison on how the personalized services we provide can truly help you crystallize your thinking, to be able to define the essential elements that will help your company achieve all of your goals to the max.

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