Delyse provides world class foods and deserved a world class online presence. Using the enterprise power of Magento, we designed and built an e-commerce site that allowed personalization and custom creation of packaging for your snack gifts.

Akron General SimpleTrends

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In the heart of Believeland, there sits Akron General and their facilities dedicated to health and wellness. The future of "hospitals" is being prototyped in Akron, Ohio.

Locator 911

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Locator 911 was developed to show your current street location on the in-call screen. No more fumbling around trying to figure out where you are, the information is readily available to you so you can tell the 911 operator.

Matchplay Sporting

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National sport shooting champion, Tony Rivera, had an idea. He wanted to make sport shooting more competitive for all levels of shooter. The ultimate goal is to bring more participants to the sport he loves.

Poth & Balser Family Dentistry

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If you've been in business for 35 years, you have to be doing something right. Drs. Poth and Balser provide state of the art dental services to the heart of Wilson County and the surrounding areas. They trusted us to deliver a new identity worthy of their experience and satisfied customers.


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The Sendworthy platform was developed to help automate newsletter creation and curation. A smart web spider engine helps pull in and weight new content to prepare in a fully self-sending newsletter.