Poop Emoji Desk Plug – 2″

We've got several desks in the office with 2" holes in the center for cable handling. However we seem to keep losing them and we figured we'd just 3D print a solution. This plug fits in a 2" hole (50mm).

June 23rd, 2017|Tags: , , |

Knuckles Structure Sensor Grip

For years we've been using our Structure Sensor with our iPad Mini. We've remixed a tripod mount and a new tougher looking handle to create the ultimate sensor rig to use with the iPhone 7.

April 10th, 2017|Tags: , , , |

Structure Sensor iPhone 7 Plus Holder / Case

We make no secret of our love of the Structure Sensor from Occipital. A great portable scanner. But we’ve recently upgraded its capability by attaching it to the newest iPhone 7 Plus and its amazing camera.

April 4th, 2017|Tags: , , |

iPhone 5 Speculation

Trying to guess what Apple is going to roll out with each new release is practically a sport among geeks and the tech savvy. Will the iPhone 5 have near field communication support? Will it have a built in QR code scanner? What new things will Siri be able to do? We'll know in a [...]

September 26th, 2012|Tags: , |