The Lab

We spend considerable time in research and development to build and license our own technologies.  It keeps our developer’s on the cutting edge and prevents our customer’s from being guinea pigs.


Our proven real-time content push platform with social hooks into Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Fitness challenge mobile app with API connectivity into Under Armor Connected.

Exhilent Gallery

Beacon technology demonstration showing dynamic gallery content based on proximity to given art pieces.


3D scanning application and process to deliver “Lego”-sized 3D printed busts that can be placed on toy minifigures.

Mightie Football

Mightie Football is an iPad application that allows flag football coaches the ability to show their players the routes to run.

3D Printable Models

As the digital convergence continues, we find ourselves designing physical items that we 3D print that help support mobile applications we’ve developed.  Here is a grab bag of work we’ve done and open sourced.

Poop Emoji Desk Plug – 2″

We've got several desks in the office with 2" holes in the center for cable handling. However we seem to keep losing them and we figured we'd just 3D print a solution. This plug fits in a 2" hole (50mm).

Toggles VR for Your iPad

We went in search of a quick way to let customers see a 3D product view or enjoy a VR landscape. Our solution is Toggles VR. It lacks the commitment of strapping something to your head with all of the rewards of a virtual experience.

Knuckles Structure Sensor Grip

For years we've been using our Structure Sensor with our iPad Mini. We've remixed a tripod mount and a new tougher looking handle to create the ultimate sensor rig to use with the iPhone 7.

Structure Sensor iPhone 7 Plus Holder / Case

We make no secret of our love of the Structure Sensor from Occipital. A great portable scanner. But we’ve recently upgraded its capability by attaching it to the newest iPhone 7 Plus and its amazing camera.

Dremel Makerbot Sampler Spool

We are big fans of the simplicity and results we get from our Dremel Idea Builder 3D printers. We also like the Makerbot filament sampler which comes with smaller spool sizes. Here is an in-printer spool holder for those samplers.

IKEA Desk Beats Headphone Holder

Here in our office we've got a variety of IKEA desks and each person their own headphones they prefer to wear while working. Simple solution to hang them from the side of the desk.