We’ve been busy building custom Passbook applications and have had a little fun with the flexibility that Passbook offers.  The typical Passbook templates are:  generic, event, coupon, store card, and boarding pass.  Within these types, we are able to customize them to match branding and other company style guides.

If you have your iPhone running iOS 6 or your Android device running a Passbook capable application, click here and download these Passbook Passes to your own device:


You can also watch a brief video demonstration showing how these custom Passes are installed.

Click any of the images below to download the Passbook Pass directly to your iPhone.  Please note, that if you aren’t using an iPhone or Android Passbook app, it will just download a .pkpass file to your desktop machine.

FYI: The Android application that allows Passbook support is called PassWallet.  It can be downloaded here in Google Play: